Andrews Land Surveying offers Location Drawings at a competitive price throughout the state of Maryland.

A Location Drawing shows the property inspected and the locations of buildings or other visible improvements affecting the property. Location Drawings are produced to provide some assurance that improvements or other changes affecting the land are located on the property. This assurance is for the use of a lender or an insurer only. If a more detailed survey is required for making various improvements to the property, visit our Boundary Surveys {insert link} page for more information.

The turnaround time for a Location Drawing is 2-4 business days depending on the complexity of the property, the distance between each job site, and the current workload of Andrews Land Surveying. All orders can be received via email or phone along with the completed “Location Drawing Approval Form.”

Once complete, the Location Drawing may be emailed in PDF format and/or hand-delivered to your office. We look forward to receiving your request today!

We are flexible with the delivery of the final product.  We can hand deliver the product to your office and/or email a pdf of the drawing.